The actions you take now in terms of maintaining your health will bring benefits in future. The essence of Baola is to offer our customers style, functionality and art all wrapped up in a seating ball which brings health benefits when you’re not even thinking about it. Our founder Pierre-Emmanuel's journey back from a serious back injury is one which has shaped the Baola brand and inspires us to help others every day.  In this month’s blog he talks candidly about the importance of future-proofing your health and be conscious of the choices you make, for yourself, daily. How does Baola help you daily? “I use the ball every day. I use it in the office, at home and for some of the exercises I do. From when I first started using a Swiss ball to help me regain strength in my back to now, the benefits have been immense. Now, with our products I have something lovely to look at too and it feels more like a part of the furniture that creates a talking point rather than an eye-sore that stands out”.  “The same goes for my home where the design from our artists make it a stylish addition to our living room and helps my pregnant other half with the aches and pains of pregnancy”.   Does it get tiring not having any back support?  “I must admit it was a change in the beginning as I had to build up my core and back muscles to start the process however, the benefits came so quickly that I never looked back. Now not only is my back better but my posture is so much more improved and I do not strain my shoulders and neck as much as I used to”.    “What is also interesting is that you see a lot more businesses starting to offer stand up desks, seating balls and other alternatives to the ‘normal’ office furniture in order to improve productivity and the health of their employees. It’s a very welcome trend and one which Baola is championing”.  What would your advice be to others? “It’s important to be aware that health benefits are not only achieved during exercise but through small every day choices. This includes things like diet, wearing comfortable shoes, choosing a backpack over a shoulder back and understanding that our bodies are incredible things”. “Making the change from a chair to a seating ball like Baola is an easy and cost-effective way of starting your journey and doing something for yourself each day. My goal is to convince more people to make this change and see their overall physical health improve, quickly”.