Meet the exclusive
Baola Orbit Edition.

Baola is a unique Swiss ball created to add an element of artistic design and luxury to any office or room in the house.

Baola in the press

Discover the artist
behind the Orbit Edition.

Mike Lemanski is the British artist behind the Orbit Edition. Mike has worked with brands such as Nike, Lacoste, and Monocle, but Baola is the first time he has designed a look for a round object.

Made entirely in Europe

When creating Baola, it was very important for us to produce everything in Europe and to know the production process inside and out. The main ball is made in Italy and the cover is made in the Czech Republic.

Woman sitting on Baola Orbit Edition during a meeting with a colleague

At the office or at home.

Baola can be used in the office or at home. The Orbit Edition has been created to shine in every space.

Dinning table with Baola Orbit Edition