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The artists behind Baola

Find out more about the creative minds we collaborate with. They help make every Baola Edition a work of art.

Alex Proba

Alex Proba, who is well-known for her work designing the Life In Vogue Installation, a new iteration of the iconic Louis Vuitton trunk, and for her AYR mural on Abbot Kinney in Venice, CA, has collaborated with Baola to design and produce the two new Baola products, bringing her signature visual style to the design of the classic Swiss ball. Proba’s creativity explores emotion as a celebration of color, pattern and positive stimulation of the senses. The designer draws from the everyday for her designs and artwork: visuals, sounds, smells and memories. 

Baola Editions: Soft Serve, Play Time

Marleigh Culver

Marleigh Culver is an American graphic artist, designer, and painter based in Los Angeles, CA. She produces original art in her studio, experimenting with color, shape, and emotion to explore themes of beauty, femininity, and abstractness. Marleigh spent almost four years as a designer at Need Supply Co. in Richmond, VA, before moving on to Gap, Inc. and Lalo. As a solo artist, Marleigh has collaborated on projects for leading lifestyle brands, including Hutch, Nike, Pottery Barn, and Teen Vogue.

Baola Editions: Desert, Tropic, Rain

Joe Geis

Joe Geis is a multi-disciplinary artist, designer, and woodworker based in Brooklyn, NY. He loves exploring the balance and movement that lines, shapes, and negative space can create in different environments. Away from his studio, he enjoys getting lost in the woods, the Oakland Raiders, drumming, old Metallica, and running through open fields with dogs. Joe’s former clients include Facebook, Amazon, Atlantic Records, Young Money Records, WeWork, Tinder, and Vice.

Baola Editions: Sea 2 Sun, Just 4 Fun

Mike Lemanski

Mike Lemanski is a British designer and illustrator with a studio in the UK. His expertise lies in editorial illustration, iconography, posters, maps, and other areas of branding and graphic design. Mike’s work is strongly conceptual, utilizing a playful and graphic approach that often mixes experimental print making with digital and traditional mediums. He’s worked with a variety of clients from global publications to international brands, such as The New York Times, The Guardian, Lacoste, Intel, Herb Lester, and more.

Baola Editions: Orbit

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