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Author Archives: Sasha Szczepanski

  • Designing a Swiss ball in Switzerland: when tradition meets modern design

    For the majority of people, when they think of the Swiss ball, the first thing that comes to mind is health. Indeed, in recent decades, Swiss balls have become synonymous with spinal health, core strength, and overall wellbeing. They’ve regularly featured in gyms, spas, and wellness centres for years —  and many people even have …

  • Baola, the luxury Swiss ball, makes its retail debut at Italy’s Rinascente

    Leading Italian retail brand Rinascente brings Swiss design to Italy with the launch of “Active Project,” featuring Baola Swiss ball product range Baola, the luxury, artisanal Swiss ball brand, is pleased to announce its first-ever retail partnership, with Italy’s Rinascente department store. The partnership will see Baola’s line of unique, art-inspired Swiss balls sold in …

  • Meet the Artist Series: A Q&A with Artist & Illustrator Mike Lemanski

      When we developed our vision for Baola, we knew that we wanted to work with exciting contemporary artists from around the world to produce aesthetically beautiful Swiss balls, the likes of which no one had ever seen before.  Each design had to be intriguing and unique, so that Baola would be more than simply [...] More
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