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Our story

Baola was developed from a tiny seed, a mere idea, that was planted after a life-changing event.

When founder Pierre-Emmanuel jumped from a cliff and plunged into the water below, a shooting pain reverberated through his spine. His summer weekend getaway in 2013 ended with a fractured vertebra.

The accident left Pierre-Emmanuel with debilitating back pain. Four months after replacing his office chair with a Swiss ball, the pain was almost gone. The only problem, however, was the unsightly, shiny plastic. He wanted something more like an art object—one that would look just as good under his desk as in a gallery.

This was his challenge; this was the birth of Baola.

Pierre-Emmanuel was inspired to create his own seating ball. He sketched his ideas, imagining a flexible fabric to encase the ball. The materials had to be easy to care for, yet durable enough for daily use.

He contacted Mike Lemanski, a British designer and illustrator, to help visualise the ball’s appearance. Then, he found two textile designers in Zurich, Kim and Yael. Together, they worked on the first prototype.

Through much problem solving and experimentation, Baola was introduced to the public in 2018. The initial feedback was strong. People were excited for what was to come. The Orbit Edition was released soon after, and new Editions continue to add to Baola’s legacy.

Read more about Pierre-Emmanuel’s journey:

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